BIO Majors and Cells

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Sat Sep 23 14:05:33 EST 1995

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> Why the heck am I majoring in Biology.   Is this a default major for 
> college students?
> People say there no jobs f for biologists.   Have I been mis-guided or 
> unguided?

You're a biology major because it's a fascinating and exciting field, I
hope.  I have been hearing depressing things about jobs too, but I think
that applies more to the PhD level than the BS (or BA) level.  There are a
lot of pretty well-paying jobs in Biotech right now - that's where I'll be
next year.  Perhaps in the future... grad school to have more control of
my research.

I hope bio isn't a default major for you.  If so, try exploring some other
options.  :)

Good luck,
Biochem major

Cristy A. De La Cruz '96
Swarthmore College

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