living systems and 2nd law of thermo??????

Prakash Subedi psubedi1 at OSF1.GMU.EDU
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On 24 Sep 1995, navin wrote:

May be this will help:

        When  entropy of the universe  equals  zero,  time doesn't exist 
or it is zero too.   As entropy increases  time also increases or moves 

	The thing that we don't understand  or the reality (of) is that:  how 
did entropy of the universe  ever  get  above zero?  If it required energy,  
where did it get the energy from?

My proposition (not a theory  or a hypothesis)  is that  entropy is also 
conserved in the universe,  and  living things have the physical 
ability to  dispose entropy  into the environment.

Living system or life  is  a  strange  exception  to the theories (and 
laws) of physics.  That's  why I chose to  be a student of biology, and 
not physics.  

Attempt to let me know of my errors.

> rray asks:
>   Living sytems have order.  Why does this not violate the second law
> of thermodynamics?????
> my reply is that increases in entropy must always accompany any decrease in
> entropy. It sounds strange, but let me illustrate w/ an example. Let's say your
> room is a mess, w/ clothes and papers strewn all over. Definitely a high
> entropy state. You clean it up. Have you violated the 2nd law? Has entropy gone
> down? Well,the positional entropy of objects in the room has gone down. But the
> overall entropy has gone up: you broke down glucose (an entropically favorable
> rxn) and hydrolysed ATP so your muscles could pick stuff up and organize
> things.
> If you get a local decrease in entropy, it was more than paid for somewhere
> else.

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