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> Does anyone know of research regarding antiviral
> properties of algae.  Especially activity against
> retroviruses.  Thank you very much for your help.


    Hi.  From a quick search of the CAplus file produced by the place I work at, Chemical Abstracts Service, I found about 43 hits relating to
antiviral properties of algae.  Of these, 3 dealt with anti-retroviral
properties, 11 were patents, and 12 were reviews.  A representative hit was:

Borowitzka, M. A., Microalgae as sources of pharmaceuticals and other
biologically active compounds, J. Appl. Phycol. (1995), 7(1), pgs. 3-15.

    Many people think that Chemical Abstracts has only chemical information, but, a third of all the abstracts (journals, patents, conference proceedings, etc.) we put out every year come from our bio-related areas and include abstracts such as the above one and over 965,000 biosequences.  To search on some of the other papers in this area, check with your science or main librarian to find out if your organization already has an account with us.  
    Well, I hope this helps!  Good luck!


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