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Subject:  Ca-ATPase
Date:     27 Sep 95 08:28:49

Dear netters,
I have the following problem. I am an undergraduate student (that
itself is not a problem) taking a course about membranes etc. At one
lecture we were told that Ca-ATPase is able to carry out not just
extrusion of Ca ions out of the cell but participates in its influx
as well. Moreover in certain types of cells (e.g. myoblasts) this is
supposed to be the main way how to get Ca into the cell, since Ca
channels have the capacity too small to make the influx to be rapid
enough to activate cell within miliseconds. I have never heard about
this role of Ca-ATPase and to tell the truth I don't like the idea.
Can anyone give me a definite answer to this question or at least his
own opinion based on his experiences? Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

                                        Roman Szabo
                                        szabor at

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