help with lysophosphatidic acid!

Rene Mauricio Salazar rms1754 at
Wed Sep 27 10:22:00 EST 1995

Hi Everyone,

I recently tried to use LPA in cell culture, but I could never get it to 
solubilize.  The procedure I used was as follows:

1.	Dissolve stock LPA (5mg) in a 2:1 mix of chloroform:methanol 
	(HPLC grade)

2.	Add fatty acid-free BSA @ 1% to give a 10 millimolar stock LPA 

I would then add this at 100 micromolar to cells cultured in M199.  I 
have also tried adding calcium and magnesium (.5 mM), but I still got 
precipitation using LPA @  a 100 micromolar concentration.  If anyone can 
offer any advice or can clue me in, please email me.  Thanks in advance :^).

Best regards,

Rene' M. Salazar

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