Cell Bio PhD Program on the WWW

Robert A. Bloodgood rab4m at UVA.PCMAIL.VIRGINIA.EDU
Thu Sep 28 14:10:30 EST 1995

    The Cell Biology Department at the University of Virginia has a WWW site
for its PhD Training program in cell and developmental biology.  Interested
students are encouraged to look at the description of our program and of the
research programs of our faculty at the following web site:
Please use the upper case as indicated.  If you are interested in any
additional information or cannot access the WWW site, please let me know at
this e-mail address.  I would be pleased to snail mail a brochure on our
program to anyone whop sends me his/her address.
                         Regards,   Bob Bloodgood
                                    RAB4m at Virginia.edu

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