p53's apoptotic function

Richard A. Lockshin yo_doc at usa.pipeline.com
Wed Apr 3 12:11:34 EST 1996

There are no UNIQUE cell death genes yet. For your interest, see review by
Scott Lowe in Holbrook N, Martin G and Lockshin R, Cell Senescence and Cell
Death, Wiley-Liss, 1996.  Since you are at Cornell, come to the NYC area
cell death club meetings.  Next one is April 10.  See announcement in this
or other newsgroups. 
On Mar 26, 1996 15:45:13 in article <p53's apoptotic function>,
'mrtour at stud.med.cornell.edu,dburtrum at ski.mskcc.org (michelle or
doug......)' wrote: 
>I'm am interested in distinguishing between p53's ability to induce 
>apoptosis and its other functions.....does anyone know perhaps what genes 
>it can turn on that would definitely mean death...besides looking at 
>endpoints such as DNA ladders and blebbing.... 
>please post here or to mrtour at stud.med.cornell.edu 
>thank you for your time. 
>or Michelle 
Richard A. Lockshin 

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