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Thu Apr 4 19:04:47 EST 1996

On March 4 I sent the following message to the news group:
>Can anyone offer advice as to how to overcome/suppress autofluorescence in
>tissues (epithelial in origin) being used in fluorescence confocal
>microscopy? I have an argon ion laser with filter sets for FITC and Texas
>Any advice re mounting media or dyes to use would be appreciated.

I have had a few replies, mainly suggesting ways of coping with
glutaraldehyde-induced autofluorescence. However, I should have pointed out
that the tissue was fixed in paraformaldehyde, so the fluorescence is
actually inherent tissue fluorescence, not (probably) fixative-derived.

More help is needed. I have been asked to summartise all replies as this is
a general interest topic, and I will do so. So please keep those references
and e-mails cming! Thanks to all,


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