low melting-point wax

Stan Vitha vitha.1 at POSTBOX.ACS.OHIO-STATE.EDU
Thu Apr 4 20:32:45 EST 1996

Dear bionetters,
	I am looking for low melting wax for embedding biological specimens.
	At present I use Steedman's wax (PEG 400 distearate + 1-hexadecanol), 
MP = 35 C, for immunofluorescence microscopy. For detection of some 
easy-to-destroy antigens I would like to use similar wax with MP = about 30 
C. I was not able to find any PEG distearate with MP in this range. (The 
advantage of this wax is that it behaves almost like paraffin, thus ribbons 
with serial sections can be obtained) 

Is there any embedding medium with the desired properties? (MP 30 C, serial 
sectioning possible)?

	Any information/comments/suggestions will be appreciated.

With regards,

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