Postdoctoral position: P.Dupree

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Sun Apr 7 12:10:10 EST 1996

									Postdoctoral Position

A postdoc is required to join an expanding plant biochemistry group 
situated in laboratories in the heart of Cambridge. We are interested in 
membrane trafficking and protein targeting in plant cells. The aim of 
the project is to develop techniques for the identification and analysis 
of novel plasma membrane proteins. There are many unique aspects of the 
plant plasma membrane, including the presence of receptors for hormonal 
and developmental signals and proteins of the response to pathogens, 
making this membrane particularly interesting for study. The project is 
part of a collaboration with several other European laboratories to 
develop a 2D PAGE database of plasma membrane proteins, using the model 
plant Arabidopsis thaliana.

This project will involve cell fractionation and analysis of 2D gels, in 
part using computer software. Technical assistance will be provided in 
running the 2D gels. The interesting spots will be analysed through 
N-terminal protein sequencing and peptide mass spectroscopy, in 
collaboration with Dr Len Packman, in this Department. The trafficking 
and targeting of particularly interesting proteins may be studied in 
more detail.

The position is funded by the EC for up to two and half years. Salary 
will be on the RA1A scale, currently £14317-£19848 p.a., depending on 
age and experience.
Enquiries should be sent to Dr. Paul Dupree to reach him by April 29th 
1996 at :
Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, Tennis Court Road, 
Cambridge CB2 1QW, U.K.
Tel:+44 1223 333340
Fax:+44 1223 333345
E-mail: p.dupree at

The University follows an equal opportunities policy and aims to achieve 
the highest quality in teaching and research.

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