Mink lung cell bioassay

Janet Macpherson jjphar10 at angis.su.OZ.AU
Wed Apr 10 17:46:44 EST 1996

I recently purchased the mink lung cells Mv1Lu (CCL-64) from ATCC and am trying to establish 
a bioassay for TGFbeta. I have not been able to show inhibition of growth under any of the many 
conditions tested. 

I know my TGFbeta (from 3 different suppliers) is detected in an ELISA that is reported to only 
detect active TGFbeta, and it has a biological effect in my test system.

Any hints or suggestions will be welcome, because I am ready to give it up.


Janet Macpherson
jjphar10 at angis.su.oz.au

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