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Wed Apr 10 11:29:02 EST 1996

We at Columbus Instruments developed RESPIROMETER that can be used to
assess the oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production starting from
bacteria to animals and even in human. It can be used to measure the total
oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide production from the bacterial breakdown
of waste. Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) is defined as the total quantity
of oxygen required to break down the organic materials in waste water into
carbon dioxide and water. In an experiment, a solution containing 5 mg
sodium acetate is broken down over 5 days and the oxygen uptake is
measured over this time. A nutrient solution (1.5 ml) is added and the
sample is inoculated using raw stream water. The oxygen consumption and
the carbon dioxide production rate are monitored. Thus the  nature of
oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production rate can be determined
and thereby can measure BOD. If you are interested about our device please
send response or e-mail or fax to the following address.

Internet: 75144,2413 at
Fax: 614-276-0529. 

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