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>	I am trying to find out information about the molecular biology 
>of malaria for a prepared essay (part of the third year course). I have 
>been looking for some sort of review of the subject without any success, 
>if anyone can suggest where I could find such a review could they e-mail 
>me with the details.
>	Many thanks in advance
>		Peter Delpy 
1. Carlson, J et al. 1994 Natural protection against severe Plasmodium
falciparum malaria due to impaired rosette formation. Blood 84: 3909-3814.

2. Ringelhann, B et al. 1976. A new look at the protection of hemoglobin
 AS and AC genotypes against plasmodium falciparum infection: a census
 tract approach. Am. J. Human Genet. 28: 270-279.

 3. Bayoumi, RA. 1987. The sickle-cell trait modifies the intensity and
specificity of the immune response against P. falciparum malaria and 
leads to acquired protective immunity. Med. Hypotheses 22: 287-298

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