lipoprotein/colloid gold labeling

N.P.Dantuma at N.P.Dantuma at
Wed Apr 17 18:45:57 EST 1996


I have some problems labeling plasma lipoproteins with 6 nm colloid gold (
for EM). To be honest, I do not see any labeling of the lipoproteins at all. 
Although I am not sure, I do have an idea what is causing the lack of 
labeling: normally for such labeling procedures large gold (20-40 nm) is 
used instead of the 6 nm gold I am using. With large gold rosettes are 
formed of one gold particle surrounded by several lipoproteins. I am 
considering labeling with 20 nm gold (which may give problems with 
cutting of ultra-thin slices for EM). Is this worth trying? If you have 
any helpful suggestions, experience or protocols please contact me.

Thanks as always.

Nico Dantuma

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