Berkeley Antibody address

Thomas R. Anderson babco at
Mon Apr 22 00:45:09 EST 1996

In <31779E59.4F4E at> Eyck Poetter
<ndxdeyck at> writes: 
>Hi, netters
>I am urgently looking for the adress/phone-or fax-number/email-adress of 
>the company BERKELEY ANTIBODY, Richmond, Ca. or an european supplier of 
>their products. Can anyone please help me ? Thanks a lot.


Berkeley Antibody Company  (BAbCO)
1223 S. 47th Street
tel:  1-800-922-2226  (in the USA)
      1-510-412-8930  (anywhere)
fax:  1-510-412-8940
email:  tanders at

Berkeley Antibody Company (BAbCO) has a number of distributors
throughout the world...Please contact the company at the telephone,
fax, or email addresses indicated above for the appropriate distributor
for your locale.

Thank you very much in advance.

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