Microscope coverglass grids

Paul Valerio valeriop at mcmail.cis.McMaster.CA
Tue Apr 30 19:01:27 EST 1996

I am forwarding this request for information on behalf of my coworkers. I
have corrected the previous subject line, which was posted in error.

   We are culturing epithelial cells for patch clamping using 35 mm plastic
dishes that have a small hole drilled in the base and have a coverglass
attached over the hole. The idea is to grow the cells on the coverglass in
the dish, label a subpopulation of the cells with a fluorescent dye, then
use the fluorescent label as a marker for the person who patch-clamps.

   Unfortunately, the patch-clamp apparatus does not have a microscope with
fluorescence capabilities. The cells must therefore be located using a
separate fluorescence 'scope. An alternative that has been suggested to us
is to buy coverglasses with photoetched grids. Bellco has been suggested as
a supplier. Anyone had any experience with these ? Are the quadrant sizes
quite small - less than 200 um wide ? How practical would it be to
identify a cell using a fluorescent label, say in quadrant A5, then find it
again using a microscope without fluorescence ?

   Also, while I'm posting this, is there such a thing as commercially
available tissue culture-treated (eg. gas plasma) polystyrene plastic
coverglasses, not necessarily coated with matrix protein. Our cells attach
slowly to glass, but quickly to TC-treated plastic flasks.

Many thanks for any information.

- Paul Valerio

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