IF and MDCK cells

carolina tuma tuma at ANATOMY.IUPUI.EDU
Thu Aug 1 18:56:12 EST 1996

I've been trying to stain intermediate filaments (IF) in MDCK cells and 
need some help. If you have done it or know of somebody who has, please 
help me with the following:

1. are AE1 nad AE3 (Boehringer and Mannenhein) the only cytokeratin Abs 
that work for these cells? (I've tried a Sigma monoclonal without 
2. Which commercially available anti-vimentin Ab would work for these 
3. Which fixation/lysis protocol would be the best shot to preserve IFs 
in MDCKs and get a clean stain? (I've tried methanol, glutaraldehyde and 
paraformaldehyde in a few ways, but never obtained a clean strong 

Please send your answer to   tuma at anatomy.iupui.edu
Thanks a bunch!
																															Carolina Tuma :)

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