Hamster Antibodies

WENCENLAUS wencenlaus at aol.com
Fri Aug 2 10:06:02 EST 1996

Regarding locating antibodies, the MSRS  Catalog database (30,000 primary
antibodies + 4000 companies + 15,000 monoclonals) is printed in a 2000
page book and will soon be on CD-ROM and on the web at:  
www.ANTIBODIES-PROBES.com. Each antibody has specifications as regards
host, ag. species, label, clone #, form, isotype, product #, manufacturers
name, paragraphs about specificity. The MSRS is the largest printed
resource for primary antibodies available in the world. MSRS, 3rd Edition,
ISBN 0-9643268-3-3. 

MSRS/Aerie Corporation
P.O. Box 1356
Birmingham, MI, 48012-1356 usa
FAX: (810) 642-6162
e-mail: survey at www.ANTIBODIES-PROBES.com

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