alex emil kentsis aekentsi at woodlawn.uchicago.edu
Sat Aug 3 14:55:29 EST 1996

as well as i understand it,
all hsp proteins perform some type of chaperonin function, and as such
actively participate in facilitating the folding process. 
in general, i think that folding begins with the output of the first four 
residues from the ribosome, when the possibility for forming a 1-4 hydrogen
bond becomes available. in general, it is hyudrogen bond formation between close
residues that is the early event in protein folding, with the subsequent 
secondary element formation. 

L.Kempster (l.kempster at ic.ac.uk) wrote:
: Can anyone direct me to or does anyone have any information on whether
: protein folding (not hydrophobic residue protection) during biosynthesis
: only occurs in association with the chaperonins, or does protein folding
: occur before this i.e. in association with Hsp70/Hsp40 etc.

: Thanks in advance

: Lee Kempster
: Imperial College

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