e-mail adress of Maniatopoulos, of Melcher

verhelpe Verhelpen at orto.ucl.ac.be
Mon Aug 5 03:24:31 EST 1996

I would to have the e-mail adress of C. Maniatopoulos or, of Dr. A.H. 
Melcher that have written 
: "Bone formation in vitro by cells obtained from bone marrow of young 
adult rats." in Cell and Tissue Research, M.C.R. Programme in Dental 
Implantology, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto, Toronto, 
Ontario, Canada. Thanks.

Anne Jungbluth

Anne Jungbluth
jungbluth at orto.ucl.ac.be
Laboratoire d'orthiopedie de l'UCL
Avnue Mounier 53
Tour Pasteur 5388

1200 Bruxelles

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