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> ocularly; this cholera toxin is conjugated to gold. Any help on this
would be greatly appreciated

I'm not sure I completely understand the message, but I've had very good
results with the Intense M kit for silver intensification of colloidal
gold on tissue sections. I think Amersham was selling it last time I
bought a kit. An important  trick is to be sure reagent A and reagent B
are at room temp prior to mixing. there are also do-it-yourself methods
out there that are relatively easy, but may require a darkroom and/or a
heating  waterbath. Check out Danscher and Norgaard 1983, J. Histochem.
Cytochem. 31:1394-1398 and Marc et al., 1990, J. Neurosci. 10:4006-4034
for some do-it-yourself methods. The IntenseM kit and the do-it-yourself
methods can be used at the EM as well as light levels, but I found that
post-staining EM sections didn't work worth a hoot after silver
intensification. For what it's worth, in my preps I got more consistent
results with 10-15 nm gold particles than with 1 nm gold. Hope this helps.

Dave Sherry

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