Image storage

Sherry, David dsherry at
Mon Aug 5 17:49:05 EST 1996

I'm running into a research problem associated with storage of digitized
microscopic images. I want to perform time-lapse microscopy of several
sets of living neurons simultaneously. The difficulty arises from the
number of digitized images that are generated and must be stored. I expect
that I will fill my harddrive (2GB) in about a day, but I will need to
record the cells for several days, maybe even weeks to get the necessary
data. Has anyone dealt with this problem before? More to the point, how
did you solve it? I'm leaning towards an optical Jukebox employing several
2.6 GB Magneto-optical disks for image storage while recording, but I have
no experience with these units, or their strong and weak points. If anyone
has experience with optical jukeboxes or has some constructive suggestions
about how to deal with storing scads of images at one time I'd really
appreciate it. You can post answers to this group or e-mail me direct.

Dave Sherry
dsherry at

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