HELP HELP HELP needed with RNA extraction

alex emil kentsis aekentsi at
Mon Aug 5 21:31:28 EST 1996

i have never had trouble with guanidine-based extractions. gibco has 
a reagent mexture called trizol engineered for efficient rna extractions.
you may want to look into it.

Paul A Bucciaglia (bucci001 at wrote:
: I don't have any experienc with guanidine-based RNA extractions, but I 
: have had pretty good luck with either the standard phenol:chloroform 
: based extraction or a modified protocol by Schultz et al (Plant Mol. 
: Biol Reporter 12 (4), p310. 1994).  This  worked very well when extracting 
: RNA from Populus leaves, although I didn't try any woody tissues. Doesn't 
: require a CsCl step, which I personally hate doing.  RNA was clean, 
: intact, and reverse transcribed well.  

: Good luck,

: Paul Bucciaglia

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