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Fri Aug 9 04:59:21 EST 1996

			  Written by: Gemini.

  Hello.  The time has come.. to stop something.  Something that is raging
out of control and is a threat to everything that humans consider a part
of their lives.  This threat is OVERPOPULATION.  And it must be stopped.
There is one, and ONLY one solution to this.... read on.
  I basically became fully aware of the threat of overpopulation when 
I discovered The Church of Euthanasia.  Yes, they also stand for the 
reduction of the human species, but their solutions are a little, err..
shall we say, unpractical.  They give their solutions as: 

VOLUNTARY SUICIDE -  Cool.. but how many can you convince to do it? 

SODOMY - Yep, that works, you can't get your spouse pregnant if you 
	 butt-fuck her. Heh. But again, how are you going to get everyone 
	 to do that? 

CANNIBALLISIM - Ummm.. nuff said. 

ABORTION - Abortion rules!  It's a great way to reduce population.
	   But again, you can't convince everyone to do that.. the 
	   religious freaks are going to keep having goddamn 12-kid 

  Now, I don't mean to bash on the CoE.  They do a great job of raising
awareness of overpopulation.  Good job guys!
  Enough of that, heh.  So how are we going to reduce population?  
Here's some other "possible" impractical methods:

KILL PEOPLE - Umm.. er.. well it would work, but we want a peaceful
	      world, don't we?

MANDATORY ABORTION - This would work too... but impractical for obvious

FORCED STERILIZATION - (Getting warmer!)  This would work like a charm!
		       But, as above, impractical.  Be my guest to strap
		       down billions of people to an operating table. heh.



   After examining every other possible solution, this is the ONLY solution.

   Before we discuss "How in the hell are we going to pull that off????",
we will theorize on what it would do...

   In theory, if the entire human population was sterilized in one day, or
even a whole year or two, human beings would disappear from the planet in
only a little less or more than 100 YEARS!  Let's theorize some more... 
After 20 years from the point of sterilization, the youngest person on the 
planet would be 20!  After 40 years, 40!  After 60 years, 60!  You get 
the idea, think about it.  It would make one hell of a sci-fi movie that's
for sure!  Without babies to replenish the population, humanity would 
become extinct from natural causes.
   But, do we want the human population to become extinct?  Maybe.....
Hey, there's some really cool people out there!  But there's a lot of stupid
assholes (criminals), and if there are less people, then it's easier to deal 
with them.  I myself would like to see the population at only around  
500 million.  Therefore, we should sterilize MOST of the population.
"The Solution" (as it will be called from now on), is the 
ONLY one.  It's greatest benefit is that it lets the people who already
exist live out their full natural lives, except most of them won't be able
to have children.  Sure they'll bitch and complain about not being able to
reproduce, but fuck them!!  They shouldn't be doing it anyways.  This
may be looked at as biological "terrorism" or "warfare".  But hey, it's
for OUR own good.  Another benefit is that you can have all the sex you 
want without a condom, as long as you're not with someone who has STD 
or HIV.  That's another thing.. with less people, we will be able to keep
a tighter grip on HIV and STD's by placing those infected in isolation.

  You're still probably asking "HOW?!?!" are we going to pull this off.. Well
let me first say that I am NOT a doctor, biologist, or a chemist.  But
I do have my whole life ahead of me, and I do have a few years of college 
in Engineering.  My only hope is that this message is distributed massively
enough that someone "out there" who is a scientist, and shares these views,
will begin research on "The Solution", and when it is created, distribute it
among the world population.

  Now we've reached another topic, DISTRIBUTION.  Will The Solution be a 
virus or a drug?  Let's discuss the pros and cons of each:

  VIRUS: This would have to be an extremely contagious virus, the best would
	 be air-borne.  It should do NOTHING EXCEPT STERILIZE a human being.
	 What about MUMPS?  Hmm... well Mumps can sterilize people, but 
	 most of the population has had a vaccine for Mumps.. maybe that
	 could be a starting point.... (Like I said, I'm not a 
	 biologist).  It's benefit would be that it would spread on it's
	 own, but it's con would be the problem of stopping it before it
	 sterilizes the entire human population.  But if it does, so what...
	 the people who already exist will still lead a long, full life 
	 (and think about all the stuff and buildings you could have and
	 live in when you're 40 and almost half of the population has died
	 off from old age!!!).  What do we care if the human race continues
	 after we're dead and gone.

   DRUG: Well.... this would have to be a substance, that when ingested, will
	 cause sterilization.  Obviously, you can't sneak a pill into 
	 everyone's food at the local McDonald's! haha..  But this substance
	 would have to be created so that SMALL amounts will cause effective
	 sterilization.  The best way to distribute this would be to drop
	 it into every city's water supply.  Reservoirs are huge, barely
	 guarded, and it's easy to throw something into them.  From what
	 I've heard, if someone threw only a pound of plutonium into a 
	 reservoir, it would kill everyone in the city that drank that water.
	 But that's not what we're after...  The pro of this would be,
	 if distributed carefully, we could sterilize only most of the 
	 population, and it can be controlled.  The obvious con of this is 
	 that we would have to travel all over the world throwing it into 
	 water supplies.

  Personally, I choose the virus!

   Now, I will vent some ANGER.

    As far as I'm concerned the most disgusting thing on this earth is a
PREGNANT WOMAN!  Personally, I'd like to see all pregnant women shot!
(This is just wishful thinking heh).  All they do is help overpopulate the
world!  Most of Humanity, in general, are a bunch of complete idiots that
are cum loads that should've been swallowed!

  In closing, I wish to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons.  This 
"manifesto" is bound to shake up a lot of people.  Please feel free to 
distribute this as much as possible, in it's original intact form.
Print this up and send it or email it to all the major news organizations.
Their mindless hype-mentality will be a great tool to get this out to
as many people as possible. 

  This manifesto was first distributed on the Usenet, which is a part
of the Internet.

  Hey, I'd like to have a slogan like the CoE:



				Humanity's worst nightmare and best friend.

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