10 % FCS

Kathy Carswell kc at nwu.edu
Sun Aug 11 19:27:53 EST 1996

In article <C-O.Hanemann.9.0083BDAA at uni-duesseldorf.de>,
C-O.Hanemann at uni-duesseldorf.de (Clemens Oliver Hanemann) wrote:

> Hy 
> does anybody know howmuch Insulin is approx. in 10%FCS. We´d like to cmpare 
> our culture conditions 10%FCS + Insulin with others who use chemical defined 
> media. The companies say they do not test for Insulin in FCS
> Thanks

I believe the comparison is more difficult than just determining insulin
levels. To my knowledge the insulin levels used in culture (e.g. 10 mg/L)
greatly exceeds physiological levels. The role of insulin inclusion in
culture is more likely to replace insulin-like growth factor functions, a
replacement which requires non-physiological levels of insulin.


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