Anti-phosphotyrosine immunoblot

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Fri Aug 23 20:59:17 EST 1996

Cornelius Krasel (krasel at wrote:
: John Hines (hines at wrote:
[regarding problems with anti-PY antibodies in Western blotting]
: > Am I the only one with such problems with ECL??
: No. Occasionally ECL gives strange blots (i.e. plenty of background). 
: This may depend on your blocking conditions (we use 2% milk 1% ovalbumin
: and incubate our 1st antibody usually in this solution; you may also
: try to increase blocking time, e.g. overnight). 

Just a slight (but important) correction: milk contains phosphotyrosine,
so block in 2% BSA or similar, *NOT* milk.

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