long-term, irreversible membrane markers

Jorg Kirberg kirberg at nki.nl
Sat Aug 24 16:28:47 EST 1996

In article <4vktu5$1p2g at ds2.acs.ucalgary.ca>, kmuldrew at acs.ucalgary.ca
(Ken Muldrew) wrote:

> Has anyone ever heard of membrane dyes which are essentially
> permanent? Perhaps with the name "zynaxis"? I'm trying to decide on a
> method for marking graft cells as compared with host (xy vs. xx won't
> work in this situation).
> Ken Muldrew
> kmuldrew at acs.ucalgary.ca

Dear Ken,

no idea about "zynaxis", but doesn't sigma sell some red fluorescent
dye that binds to membranes ? There was even an add in the
last science issue (Aug 16, opposide page 863).

If I remember correctly, that is the same dye someone used in the
institute I worked before. Try medline searching for
Allen Young (Basel Institute for Immunology, Switzerland). He was
quite pleased by the stuff he used. Fluorescence was long lasting as



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