Exp'ts for 3rd Yr students?

Geoff Hyde G.Hyde at UNSW.EDU.AU
Fri Aug 30 01:58:56 EST 1996

Im organising, for the first time, a 3rd year course on Plant 
Development and looking around for ideas for good laboratory 
experiments. The course has a heavy emphasis on the early, cellular 
stages of development, which is why Ive posted it here. Im 
particularly interested in getting practicals for two areas: cellular 
polarity and either photo- or geotropism. For the latter, experiments 
dealing with either cellular or whole plant 'tropisms would be fine.

If anyone can point me towards some good source or has any of their 
own ideas, Id be most eager to hear from you. Please email me directly 
since Im not on the mailing list.



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G.Hyde at UNSW.edu.au
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