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>Who cares? Anyone?  

..snip a dee..

>Wide spread usage of antibiotics gained momentum in the 1950's.  The
>incidence of cancer has been rising yearly since then.

hm. so has the average hight of sky scrapers... probably

>Who cares anyway?


>It's not really anybody's fault in perticular (we didn't know yeast cause
>cacner in 1950) 

AAMOF, i didn't know that yeast causes cancer AT ALL ! Is this 
published data ? Thrilling ! You may be on to something here !
I call Stockholm, you inform the press ?

>so lets just pretend we didn't even read this message. 

perhaps I should. Come to think of it, I received antibiotix 
5-10 times during my life time, I would estimate that it saved my
life at least twice. Bad luck if I die of cancer when I'm 
55 !

>Forget it completely so you won't feel responsible when you or your
>loved one is the next one in your family who draws the short straw.
>(Murder by cancer is not illegal.)

My son also got antibiotix already in his short life. Doctor's
over here are very carefull to subscribe it. But if a 
bronchitus slowly starts slipping toward a lung inflammation....

No I agree with you. Lets forget about your message.


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