Looking for a post-doc stay

Biol. Cel. bc2biced at lucano.uco.es
Wed Dec 4 22:30:53 EST 1996

I am looking for a post-doc position at a research group of
biochemistry, molecular or cell biology that are working with yeast
	At this time I am working in Dr. P. Navas’ lab (Dept Cell Biology,
Univ. Cordoba Spain) in redox reactions at the plasma membrane that
protect against the oxidative stress. This include the analysis of
factors like: proteins, regulation, cofactors and electron carriers.
	I have a background in plasma membrane purification, enzymology, HPLC,
electrophoresis,  inmunoblotting and other standard methods in cell
	I have been spent three months in Dr. G. Schatz’s lab (Dept.
Biochemistry Biozentrum Univ. Basel Switzerland) learning procedures on
molecular biology (PCR, site directed mutagenesis, protein transcription
and translation in vitro) applied to the mitochondrial protein import.
	I could obtain a post-doctoral fellowship of EC or Spanish Ministry of
Education and Science.

	I could start  next September, after obtain my PhD degree.

	Yours sincerely,     Carlos Santos Ocana

	My CV and a detailed application is available on request under my
e-mail address (b2saoc at lucano.uco.es).

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