NB4 expression library

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Thu Dec 5 12:02:18 EST 1996

In article <586cqa$dt1 at server-b.cs.interbusiness.it>, celli at cmns.mnegri.it says...
>We are working with NB4 cells (promyelocytic leukemia) and looking for
>a new gene. Now we would like to screen a NB4 expression library with
>antibodies obtained in our laboratory. It's obvious that should be
>easier (and faster !) for us to use a premade library than to make it
>up by ourself.
>Does anybody possess this library or knows if is commercially available
>Thank you very much for your attention.

>Nicola Celli

You noticed ? Somehow asking such questions on the net doesn't
work at all. I guess because what we are looking for is simply
exclusive or something (I presume everybody IS willing to help...)

No, I don't have such a library. You could try Stratagene or
Clontech. If its not in their catalog, call them, they generate a
lot of new banks every month.


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