Lars Thomsen lthomsen at interlynx.net
Sun Dec 8 01:16:08 EST 1996

The Picospritzer is not really made for microinjection (or at least not
suitable for it). It is much better for fast application of
agonist/antagonist in e.g. single cell current or voltage clamp
measurements. I think that you will have a hard time calibrating the exact
volume that it will inject in a certain time. The calibration procedure
described for the picospritzer is described as the time it takes to
aschieve a certain concentration around a cell. You want a certain volume,
thats not the same. You should get a displacement apparatus instead - I
have one from Sutter Instruments and it will inject a given volumen that
you specify on a digital display. If you really want to use it then you can
make e.g. 20 electrode (and hope that your puller is stable) and then eject
the content a the electrode into a vial for a given time e.g. 10 ms and
then do it a number of times and then weigh the vial and find the amount
that you in average inject pr time.

Marc Roos <marsden at neuro.biol.ethz.ch> wrote in article
<32A748F4.3067 at neuro.biol.ethz.ch>...
> We are in possesion of a picospritzer (spelling ?) microinjection 
> apparatus, but as usual no instructions.  Can anyone tell me how one 
> calibrates for volume ?  I realize this all depends upon pressure, 
> calibre of microinjection needle etc.  I am interested in injecting 
> both antibody and DNA.  For both I would like some measure of how much 
> I am delivering.  Any help appreciated.

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