dissolving xathine

David Winterbourne sghk100 at sghms.ac.uk
Wed Dec 11 06:15:31 EST 1996

In article <raja-1012961836260001 at toxin.bioc.uvic.ca>, Srikumar M. Raja 

>I am having some problems with dissolving xathine in water at conc. 10
>mg/ml for tissue culture.

Xanthine is sparingly soluble in water (~0.4mM = ~0.06mg/ml). Salts of 
xanthine are more soluble than the free base.

It is possible to get fairly high concentrations into solution by raising the 
pH. I prepare 40mM stock solutions in 0.1M NaOH. As long as your final 
concentration in medium is below ~2mM this has little effect on the pH of the 
medium. Above this final concentration it will precipitate in the medium.

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