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JOB POSTING: Cell Sorter Operator

1) Operate cell analysis and cell sorting instruments in a service center
(Shared FACS Facility) for a varied community of biological researchers. The
instruments are based on commercial cytometers, but have major modifications and
extensions of capabilities. 

2) Thoroughly understand and be able to explain details of FACS instrument 
functions to users. Assist self-operators of these instruments in improving 
their skills.

3) Carry out routine maintenance and basic repairs on cell sorters and other 

4) Be fully familiar with software used in the FACS Facility. Assist Facility 
users in becoming familiar with the computer system and in using custom local 
software and commercial packages.

5) Understand the usual biological applications, cell handling, reagents, etc. 
used in the Facility. Under supervision of the director, assist researchers in
designing FACS experiments and in evaluating their results. 

6) Work with research staff on implementation of changes and updates to FACS 
Facility instruments.

7) Comply with government and university  policies regarding health and safety


Education: Minimum is a BA level in biology and/or engineering sciences.
Desirable experience includes
a) prior work as a cell sorter operator for varied users in a biological
research setting (including sterile sorting), b) research in cell biology or
related areas c) use or maintenance of scientific instruments d) maintenance
and minor repair on your own car or bicycle. 

Work Schedule:
Monday-Friday,  12 Noon - 8 PM.

Position open now; will hire by end of January.

Send resume and cover letter (can be electronically) to:
Dr. David Parks
Beckman Center B009
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-5125

parks at

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