Dissolving xanthine

Bernard Murray bernard at elsie.nci.nih.gov
Thu Dec 12 21:29:20 EST 1996

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>I am having some problems with dissolving xathine in water at conc. 10
>mg/ml for tissue culture growth. It does not dissolve completely, even with
>prewarm water. Can I dissolve it in other kinds of solvents ?. Could any
>of you who know please tell me how to do that.
>Many thanks in advance.

Most xanthine derivatives dissolve in alkaline solutions - either
water (if you are lucky) or methanol.  Try dissolving it as best you can
and then add a minimal amount of eg. 1 M NaOH until it dissolves
completely.  Hopefully you will not be adding enough of this to affect
the final pH of your culture medium.
	Yep, just had a look at my ancient copy of the Merck Index
and found that xanthine has a maximal solubility in water of < 0.5 mM
and you are trying for ca. 66 mM.  Merck says that xanthine is freely
soluble in NaOH solutions and also in mineral acids so you might also
try pushing the pH in the acid direction.

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