composition of the ER lumen

Dennis Goode goode at ZOOL.UMD.EDU
Fri Dec 13 15:58:52 EST 1996

springer at (Sebastian Springer) wrote:
>Can anyone point me to a reference that gives a description of the
>chemical parameters of the ER lumen, as comprehensive as possible? So
>that would be
>- concentrations of ions (free and 'fixed')
>- pH
>- concentrations of osmolytes and osmolarity/'water potential'
>- protein concentration.
>Yeast is preferred, but any cell is fine.

>and Buxbaum eb15 at wrote:
>I have been looking for such references for all major organelles for 
>quite some time, but with very limited success. Anybody out there had 
>better luck?

The Handbook of Cell Biology by Lima-de-Faria has been a good source 
of such details.


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