mycoplasma detection: protocols wanted !

Ralf Spenneberg spenneb at
Wed Dec 18 11:31:45 EST 1996

Hi netter's,

i would like to know if anybody could supply me with his protocols for
mycoplasma detection. Preferably i would appreciate protocols using dapi
or hoechst 33258. The most wanted thing would be the picture of a positive
and a negative control. Since I would use the test on myeloma and
hybridoma cells pictures of controls of these cells would be the ultimate
christmas present.

Thanx in advance,

Happy X-mas and happy new year


Ralf Spenneberg
Institute for Medical Biochemistry
Universitaet Muenster                             0251 83 6722
Von Esmarchstr 56       48149 Muenster        Germany

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