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Undergraduate research is really best done in the library--internet
chit-chat is no substitute--but get the abstracts from the december
meeting of the American Soc. for Cell Biol. (San Francisco)--there was
a major session on proteasomes.  If that doesn't help, do a literature
search for the major authors who presented.
kd2844 at PCPS.EDU (Kalaap Das) wrote:

>My name is John and I am an undergraduate senior biology student at
>Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science.  I am need of IMMEDIATE
>RESPONSE regarding any answers to any of the following questions. 
>Thanks in advance.  You could even email me at: jn127 at  Thanks

>What is the MOST CURRENT findings and/or opinions regarding the
> -the role of ubiquination in antigen processing
> -the importance of IFN-gamma
> -the importance of LMP-2 and/or LPM-7 
> -enzymes that trim antigenic peptides to their final length on MHC
> -MHC class I loading versus MHC class II loading

>What are some of the potential applications of proteasomal/antigen
>research? Cancer? Viral diseases? Transplants?  How distant in the
>future is such application?

>Thank you!

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check out Apoptosis/Programmed Cell Death Web Page

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