Kathleen Clark clark02 at UTSW.SWMED.EDU
Thu Feb 1 10:33:30 EST 1996

 Dear cell biologists,

I'm not sure if this is the most appropraite place to post this inquiry.
I,ve tried to compare Western results using the nitrocellulose/hrp based
ECL kit and the PVDF/alk-phos based Tropix kit. The ECL kit produces a
large number of nonspecific bands that I can't eliminate using conventional
measures (long blocking, dilute antisera and lowering amount of sample on
gel). The Tropix kit does not show these nonspecific bands but it takes so
long to get a strong signal that the overall background it fairly high. Has
anyone reached a happy medium concerning these two products ? Also, I
should note that the protein source for these experiments is Drosophila

Thnaks in advance,

Kathleen Clark
clark02 at utsw.swmed.edu

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