Experience with Transferrinfection transfection reagent?

Jack Owicki jack_owicki at MOLDEV.COM
Fri Feb 2 15:41:42 EST 1996

I've just seen some product information from SERVA about a new transfection
reagent they're marketing, called Transferrinfection Reagent.  Its based on
the internalization of DNA/polylysine/transferrin complexes by transferrin
receptors, and they make some attractive claims for it in terms of
gentleness and efficiency.

Two questions......

(1)  Has anyone had experience with this stuff, particularly in comparison
to Lipofectamine?  I'm particularly interested in the transient expression
of G-protein-coupled receptors in cells other than COS.

(2)  Does SERVA have a distributor or do direct sales in the U.S.?


(Disclaimer:  I have no financial ties to the manufacturers of any of these

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