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Tara Johnson (johnsota at wrote:
> 	Do any of you believe that it's possible for biology to unlock 
> the fundamental mysteries of life?

What do you mean?

> how is life created?

One of the fundamental tenets of biology is that life is currently not
created de novo, and that on an ancient earth there were environmental
factors which favoured the appearance of a chemistry which we nowadays
call biochemistry, and of objects which we nowadays call alive.

> What makes life?

It is currently not possible to create a living cell in a laboratory
completely from scratch. However, amazing advantages have been made
in creating things like viruses or ribosomes. It is believed that
when you manage to bring all the things together which constitute a
living cell, you will have one.

> What are the components of life?

What do you mean? If you want to know what the components of living
cells are, look into a good textbook. A cell consists of nucleic acids,
lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins, along with a lot of small molecules
like ATP or sugars which do not form macromolecules or aggregates.

> Is life made directly from God with nothing in between or is there
> something humans could grasp about the making of life?

Biology does not deal with God. God is something which does not occur
in the natural sciences.


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