inhibition endogeneous catalase activity

N.P.Dantuma at N.P.Dantuma at
Wed Feb 7 13:52:26 EST 1996


We would like to inhibit all endogeneous catalase in fixed tissue, which is 
used for electron microscopical studies, so that we won't have any 
conversion of DAB by this source. We don't use any catalase/peroxidase 
activity in this procedure so we aren't using HRP or peroxidase linked to 
antibodies. As far as we concern it doesn't matter if we are not able to 
detect any activity latter on. The DAB is in our assay not converted by 
enzymatic activity. We already tried pretreatment with H2O2 but that didn't 
work at all. The activity, which is bothering us, is most likely located in 

Nico Dantuma  

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