mico-injection needles

Svein-Ole Mikalsen s.o.mikalsen at labmed.uio.no
Wed Feb 7 02:33:35 EST 1996

In article <4f5p2u$71m at newsreader.wustl.edu>, dbunny at wuphys.wustl.edu says...
>Hi there.  Part of my research involves washing individual dust particles.
>I've heard that cell biologists routinely inject individual cells with
>various biological things.  I'm interested in these needles.  What is the
>approximate size of such a needle's tip?  Where does one acquire them, and
>how much do they cost?

Hello Scott,
I think you can find some interesting information (about sizes) in Schorf et 
al Exp. Cell Res. 210(2), 260-267, 1994. Zeiss/Eppendorf has (or had) 
commercially available microinjection needles, but we found them too 
expensive, so we make our own (although the puller is also rather expensive). 
See if you can find some labs near you that is working on microinjection, 
cellular electrophysiology, patch clamping or similar areas. You can mail me 
if you need more information.

Svein-Ole Mikalsen
s.o.mikalsen at labmed.uio.no

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