Karyotyping birds

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Dear Kaare,=20
In your message <4fch6h$elr at dole.uninett.no> you wrote:

"I wondered if anyone out there knew any good techniques for karyotypin=
ducks without killing the objects. I guess this should mean getting=20
metaphase cells/chromosomes in quantities great enough for analyses=20
without growing cultures from the birds internal organs."

I wonder, isn't it possible to obtain some lymphocytes form the ducks' =
culture them with some mitogen (I think PHA is currently used), stop th=
in metaphase with colchicine and Karyotype them just like is done with
human lymphocytes?
Just a thought, hope its useful.

Facundo Garc=A1a Bournissen.
postmast at iihema.fmed.uba.ar

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