GAANN Assistantships in Biology

Theodore C. Crusberg crusberg at
Fri Feb 9 18:24:21 EST 1996

The Department of Biology & Biotechnology at Worcester Polytechnic
Institute announces the availability of eight predoctoral GAANN
fellowships (graduate assistance in areas of national need) funded by
the US Dept. of Education.  Each GAANN fellow receives a yearly
stipend of $14,000, 20 sem hr of tuition, and $1000 travel allowance
to meetings.  Fellows must be US citizens, nationals or
perm. residents, be outstanding students at their current or previous
institution, and be committed to a career in teaching and research.
Women and minorities are especially encouraged to apply.  For more
information please e-mail Dr. J. C. Bagshaw, director of the program:
               jbagshaw at
and visit our web pages at
Areas of research include molecular genetics, neurophysiology, plant
biotechnology, bioremediation of hazardous wastes, C. elegans
genetics, crustacean genetics, and immobilized microbial cells.
Dept. Phone:  508-831-5543

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