pH inside peroxisome

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Sun Feb 11 23:58:03 EST 1996


Can anyone tell me, (if possible please reference to literature)
what is the pH inside the peroxisomes in animals and plants

I have been told that peroxisomes are acidic, but many peroxisomal
enzymes, particularly the oxidases have pH optimum in alkaline side.
I made a list of some peroxisomal oxidases, with their published
pH optimums. 

Name of the enzyme			pH optimum

D-aminoacid oxidase			8.5 - 11
L-aminoacid oxidase			10.0
urate oxidase				8.0 - 9.5
glycolate oxidase			8.8
fatty acyl-CoA oxidase			8.5
alpha-hydroxyacid oxidase		7.5
polyamine oxidase			10.0
palmitoyl-CoA oxidase			8.6
glutaryl-CoA oxidase			8.3
trihydroxycholestanoyl-CoA oxidase	8.5
pristanoyl-CoA oxidase			7.7

And, if pH inside of peroxisome is indeed acidic, is
there any explanation for behaviour of these peroxisomal

Thank You!
Kalju Kahn
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