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Mon Feb 12 15:16:27 EST 1996


I have recently been awarded grants which include graduate student and 
postdoctoral funding at competitive salaries. My research is focussed on 
the molecular analysis of the tight junction. Projects in the lab involve 
characterization of tight junction-specific molecules, with emphasis on 
ZO-1, ZO-2 and a novel ZO-1/ZO-2 binding protein tentatively named ZO-3. 
Preliminary data indicate that ZO-3 is homologous to ZO-1, ZO-2 and to 
the larger family of proteins that includes lethal(1)discs-large-1 tumor 
suppressor gene product of Drosophila, erythrocyte membrane-associated 
p55 and PSD-95/SAP90, a protein found at brain pre-synaptic membranes. 
The discovery of ZO-3 opens a whole new direction in this field, and 
investigating the binding interactions among junctional molecules is 
critical to understanding tight junction assembly and physiology.

I am looking for people who enjoy their science and who are willing to 
explore new territory, both scientifically and geographically. Further 
information on the available positions, my research, this university, 
Edmonton and Canada can be obtained through our department's World Wide 
Web home page at http://fungus.biochem.ualberta.ca/cellbiol/ or by 
contacting me directly.

Bruce Stevenson
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
University of Alberta
Edmonton,AB  CANADA
voice 403.492.1841
fax 403.492.0450
email: brus at anat.med.ualberta.ca

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