cell lines needed

K.Kramer ugha083 at alpha.qmw.ac.uk
Mon Feb 12 10:58:01 EST 1996

Hi there, I'm posting this for a friend. She would like to aquire the 
following cell lines, but can't afford to by them.

`Does anyone use the following cell lines
and if so, could I have a flask/frozen ampoule of them?  The cells are
rat DB1X smooth muscle (aka A7r5), human aortic smooth muscle cell
line (aka CRL-1999 T/G HA-VSMC) and abdominal aorta SM SV40 (aka CRL
2018 SV40LT-SMC clone HEP SA).

If somebody would be able and willing to spare a frozen stock, please 
reply to S.Kapas at mds.qmw.ac.uk.

Thanks a lot 


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