charcoal stripped serum

Colin Rasmussen colin at
Wed Feb 14 23:37:42 EST 1996

rs690935 at (ramiro salas) wrote:
>Hi, you all people,
>I got a question. I need to culture some primary neurons in a thyroid
>hormone free media. Can I do it by stripping the serum with charcoal? Is
>there any reference on how to do that? 

Try getting in touch with someone in O'Malley's group in Cell Biology at Baylor. 
Someone there must know how to do that. My recollection when we did was to add 
activated charcoal (Norit-A) to 5% (w/v) and then heat to 50°C for 30 minutes, 
followed by filtration to remove the charcoal.

>Thanks in advance,
>Ramiro Salas
>rs690935 at

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