rare cell isolation

Condie Carmack ccarmack at genweb.com
Thu Feb 15 14:27:18 EST 1996

The systems you mentioned are very good for enrichment but if 
you need to get pure populations of cells, I would suggest you 
looking to flow cytometry as a final step. The columns work 
well as a first step to enrich, but in a lot of cases, that is 
not good enough. If you are looking for proteins that are 
secreted there is a new technique that encapsulates the cells 
in agarose then traps the secreted protein and is detected 
with an antibody. You can sort the cell and recover it alive. 
It is possible to use this technique to sort one in a million 
or more. (IF YOU HAVE A GOOD ANTIBODY!) If you would like more 
details, please write me back. 

Condie Carmack
ccarmack at genweb.com

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